Red River Valley Potatoes


  • Graded and sized to your needs and demands
  • Product quality is our main concern
  • We adhere to the strictest safety guidelines
  • Service to wholesale and retail markets


At Associated Potato Growers Inc. (APGI) we’re very involved when it comes to food safety and the consumer. We are continuously judging ourselves on the recommendations and standards set by the produce industry to ensure that our potatoes meet the highest quality. It has always been important to the potato growers to produce a product that is both safe and good.

A BETTER product for YOU!

Here at APGI we believe that our product provides the consumer with a potato that is not only superior in quality but also possesses incredible taste. We take great care to make sure that our potatoes stay the same from the field to your dinner table.

Naturally grown in non-irrigated acres on rich Red River Valley soil provides a potato that we believe provides a more flavorful product to consumers. Our product also has a longer shelf life and is incredibly versatile; meaning just about anyone can make our potatoes taste great in the kitchen!