Red River Valley Potatoes
  • Naturally grown in the world’s richest soil
  • Unbeatable flavor, exceptional quality
  • As healthy as it is delicious
  • The best tasting potatoes on the planet
  • Graded and sized to your needs and demands
  • Product quality is our main concern
  • We adhere to the strictest safety guidelines
  • Service to wholesale and retail markets
  • One of the largest packing coops in the Midwest
  • Locations in Grand Forks, Grafton and Drayton, ND
  • Climate controlled storage facilities guarantee freshness
  • Grown in fertile Red River Valley soil
  • Most renown potato grower cooperative in the Red River Valley
  • Exceptional flavor and quality with practical usability
  • Deliver to wholesalers across the nation
  • Flexible packing options from mesh bags to boxes

The Potatoes

We have superior potatoes. You'll agree the minute you bite into some creamy mashed potatoes, or a steamy baked potato. Any way you fix them, the taste is incredible. We have both red and yellow flesh varieties, and offer several different grades of each.

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Labels and Packaging

Red Potato Varieties

Red Potatoes grown in the Red River Valley

Red Potatoes have a thin smooth red skin with white firm flesh inside. They are known for their versatility, and taste great any way they are prepared.

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Yellow Flesh

yellow potatoes grown in the Red River Valley

Yellow Flesh Potatoes have a smooth light brown skin with few eyes and firm yellow flesh inside. They taste best baked, fried, whipped or roasted and have a mild butter flavor.

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